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Information about Curacao

Curacao has many public and private beaches that are all very diversified. Sun-loving tourists enjoy them together with local people on their day off. There’s a big variety between rocky bay’s and sandy beaches.

For divers Curacao is a real paradise. Curacao exists from volcanic limestone on which corals have been growing for ages. Along the shore-line you find the most beautifl coral reefs. Because of the breath-taking underwater nature diving is one of the most popular leisure activities on the island.

In Curacao’s waters you’ll find an abundance of sea- fauna, f.e. colorfull parrotfish, silvery barracuda’s, red snapper, butterfly fish, lionfish etc. You might even encounter a sea-turtle or a eagle-ray.

If you never have been snorkeling or diving before this might be the moment to learn. At least try to put on a dive-mask and catch a glimpse of the magical world just under the water surface!!

Please check out the information on our dive-school elsewhere on this website.


You like nice long days relaxing on the beach? Then curacao is the place to be, with its white beaches and its azure water. One beach even more impressive then the other. Here it’s easy to get into the tropical holiday spirit.

Daaibooibay: the beach where local people love to spend their days, because of the clean sand, the shallow water, bbq area and sun screens. Public beach, no entrance fee.

Cas Abao (which means ‘lower house’ in Papiamentu): Partially constructed beach with palm trees, and sun screens made from palmleaves, wide, a bit further from civilization and because of that not so full during weekdays. Good beach to get a sun tan, snorkel or dive. Private beach, small entrance fee.

Playa Kenepa Grandi and Chikitu: Two public beaches, so no entrance fee. Here you come to relax and swim in the azure water.

Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao, or Little Curacao in English, is a small island about 15 miles to the south-east of Curacao, a 2-hour boat drive from Spanish water. Several tour-operators will gladly bring you there for a relaxing day of sun, bbq and snorkel with turtles.

Walking to the historical lighthouse, collecting shells or just sit in a chair enjoying the view.

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